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Fabled Logo

fabled creative

All our amazing beer graphics? Courtesy of this insanely talented husband and wife duo out of Toronto. Years ago they put together a series of 100 "Space Destinations" posters - Martian mountains, Venusian craters, orbital oddities - and when we stumbled upon the work during our brand development, we knew we had to have them for Gravity.

Now we pair each newly-launched beer with an astronomical feature and Fabled poster to match it. We like to think this approach gives us a cohesive brand identity or some other such marketing bollocks, but really it's all about hanging cool space posters on our wall.

We're also thrilled to distribute their artwork way out here in the East. If you love their work as much as we do (or just want a permanent reminder to drink more Gravity beer!) you can pick up a poster of your own from our retail shop.

BYM Logo

brew your mind

These guys are our spirit animals. They consistently make the best beers in Hungary without ever getting complacent or greedy, and their core values - delicious, constantly-improving beers at affordable prices - align exactly with our own aspirations. Hop-forward ales are their speciality, but keep a keen eye out for their barrel-fermented sour offerings.

Brew Your Mind are the first guest brewers in our starting location on Rákóczi út. We'll have many more brewers on our pilot rig over the coming years, but these guys have been with us from day one and we can't thank them enough for that support.

We're enormously proud to have them developing their newest experiments in our tanks, and hope to spend many more years learning from them.


3 men squared

Love our logo? So do we. T-shirts, hats, even our custom hand-forged bottle openers - these guys are the creative and logistics team behind them all. Competent, responsive, and always hunting for new solutions, they're exactly what we've needed through the hugely stressful launch process: someone to handle all the stuff we can't.

3 Men Squared are a small but highly experienced design and marketing shop up in Southampton, who have worked in just about every sector imaginable. They've taken us from our initial branding all the way through merchandise and signage, transforming a mess of crazy ideas into beautiful, functional reality.