Imperial Smoked Stout
750mL bottle – 10.7% ABV – 44 IBU

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Tasting Notes: Delicate Smoke, Raspberry, Cocoa Powder, Toasted Cherry

Smoke: Cherry, Oak, Lapsang Souchong

Eclipse is an imperial that focuses on a lighter element: smoke.

Cherry- and oak-smoked grains form a delicate balance between bright red fruit and dry tannin, while Lapsang Souchong from the mountain tea plantations of Fujian lends soft pine forest aromas to the nose.

These delicate wisps settle onto a stout base that exercises restraint above all: a refined balance of black malt, toasted grains, and dark caramel, smoothed out by silky oats and a touch of lactose. The finish offers a subtle linger of cocoa powder and warms the throat to embrace the next sip.