Event Horizon


Overproof Stout
750mL bottle – 11.1% ABV – 46 IBU

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Tasting Notes: Aged Rum, Raisin, Molasses, Coffee, Charred Oak

This is Gravity turned up to 11.

Our longest-running imperial, Event Horizon is an ultra-rich stout that takes its styling from high-proof Caribbean rums. Its deep molasses nose gives way to a rich chocolate, coffee body that’s absolutely stacked with malt and grain complexity. Then, as you sip, undertones of raisins and plums taper slowly into a finish of tart red fruit.

But the complexity doesn’t end here because we run this brew on rum-infused toasted oak using our proprietary wood-aging system – the end result is an extra dose of vanilla, rum, and oak depth that beautifully rounds out the body and enhances mouthfeel.