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Our beer collection is split into five categories:

  • CORE RANGE – tried-and-true brews which we continually rotate onto our taps
  • IMPERIALS – a selection of bold beers with high ABV
  • QUARTERLY SERIES – brews made to highlight a specific ingredient’s expression
  • SEASONALS – recurring favorites that perfectly match each season
  • COLLABORATIONS – beers co-developed with some of Hungary’s finest brewers
Gravity Brewing Budapest – Bottled Imperial Beers
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  • Core Range
  • Imperials
  • Quarterly Series
  • Seasonals
  • Collaborations
5% ABV - 28 IBU

A pure starting point for any stout lover.

Triple-marshmallow-caramel-pecan-mudcake-imperial-pastry stouts are occasionally amusing, but they're bound to leave a lot of people disappointed.

That's why our flagship milk stout strips away secondary flavors to focus on the core experience: a fine balance between dark-roasted malts, a silky grain body, and a touch of lactose. Fresh-roasted coffee and vanilla notes mingle in the nose, before giving way to a pure milk chocolate body. And best of all, at 5% ABV, you can keep them coming all night long.
5.4% ABV - 24 IBU

If you know us, you know we love our imperials.

But we know people aren't always in the mood for an 11% malt bomb at 4 PM (and for those who are: we salute you). Pulsar is our answer to this dilemma – perfect for everyone who loves the complexity and character of our stouts but needs something a bit more sessionable from time to time.

With gentle cherry smoke on the nose, bright raspberries in the body, and a classic coffee malt finish; Pulsar blends dark and light, bold and soft, classic and modern.
Red Shift
Red Shift
5.5% ABV - 34 IBU

Not your typical red ale. It starts out simply enough: a pure, coppery Irish red malt base. A trio of US hops lends a bright, west coast twist to the nose, before driving caramelized orange peel into the malt body. The final turn comes from a hearty dose of pale and dark rye, which dries those burnt sugar notes into a toasted grain finish that always leaves us reaching for another.
5.8% ABV - 58 IBU

Our West Coast IPA is exquisitely balanced toward gentle bitterness and packed with all the old-school US hops the style is famous for – Centennial takes the lead with a solid body of piney, resinous citrus, while Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe layer on tons of bright zest and orange blossom.
6% ABV - 38 IBU

This hop-forward easy drinker starts with a crisp, classic Czech-style base, an ultra-creamy head, and a touch of grain complexity. We balance that lightly toasted grain base with a blend of German, American, and New Zealand hops through a 90-minute boil for a smooth, bitter-balanced core.

After several weeks of cold conditioning, Polaris is ready for its finishing touch: a double dose of New Zealand hops provides a bold nose of lime zest and sweet, citrusy aromatics that carry through to the crisp finish.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter
7% ABV - 25 IBU

Essential winter survival gear. Our darkest core brew, this all-season warmer is stacked with chocolate from front to back. Custom-roasted cacao nibs surface first with a nose of pure chocolate liquor. From there, a richly roasted body carries the palate from freshly baked brownies through to bitter drinking chocolate, with just a touch of lactose to smooth the transition.
7% ABV - 28 IBU

A wee heavy for whisky lovers. Why 'triple scotch'? We start with a wee heavy base, full of deep caramel flavors developed in the kettle. Specialty UK malts give us a classic scotch ale profile, toasty and subtly fruity like a good Highland. Finally, barrel-smoked malt lends the body a touch of soft oak smoke and Speyside casks. The result is cool in the glass and warm in the throat, and as close to a pint of whisky as we've found.
8.1% ABV - 50 IBU

Nova sports a huge oatmeal base full of delicate chocolate notes. It builds on a slightly sweeter platform than our other stouts; that extra touch of residual sugar in the body helps to support the star ingredient – toasted almonds!

A double infusion layers roasted almond and bright cherry esters on top of our already nutty grain blend, contributing to rich, complex aromas on the nose and a silky smooth palate.
7.3% ABV - 33 IBU

Singularity is an ode to boozy, creamy coffee. A big coffee and chocolate malt body, full of toffee and raw sugar notes, serves as the foundation, balanced with a touch of lactose. We then cold-infuse a specially-selected blend of single-origin beans from Budapest's own Bagira Coffee: two Brazilian roasts for creamy, nougaty espresso character, and an El Salvadorian dark roast for tobacco and red fruit notes.

More about Bagira Coffee.

High Orbit
High Orbit
8.5% ABV - 74 IBU

A classic Pacific coast double by way of the lush tea terraces of China.

Tons of Cascade hops give us a great grapefruit baseline, which we build out with other American classics: Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra. Heritage barley malts counterbalance the robust alcohol and brighten the body with biscuit & honey notes.

We’ve partnered with Flying Bird Tea House to infuse High Orbit with the gentle hillside aromas of their Jiu Jun Mei tea, which builds on our juicy dry hop additions and lends soft tannins to the beer, for a smooth, lingering finish.
8.8% ABV - 70 IBU

If you hate Campari, you'll hate this beer. If, however, you're the sort of person who loves the bittersweet contrasts found in the best Italian Amari, you need to try this.

A crisp, full-bodied double IPA base supports citrus and herbal aromatics through the classic transition from sweet to dry. Negroni lovers, please apply within.
Collision Course
Collision Course
10.1% ABV - 46 IBU

Collision Course is an adult experience: a full-bodied bittersweet sipping chocolate packed with the richest ingredients and boldest flavors.

A double dose of dark-roasted Peruvian cacao nibs soak in a luxurious caramel and chocolate malt base, while a touch of umami-packed red miso lends salinity to the finish and savory depth to the palate. This explosive dark chocolate body is tempered with soft vanilla notes from toasted oak, patiently developed on our own proprietary infusion system.

Tasting Notes: Cacao Nibs, Caramel, Chocolate, Umami, Salinity, Vanilla, Toasted Oak
10.4% ABV - 56 IBU

Perseid is a strong, old-school Scotch ale pushed into imperial territory.

Developed from our classic wee heavy, Meteor, this is a powerful yet well-balanced beer, rich brown in hue, with a medium-heavy body full of dark malt and biscuit tones.

A light touch of oak smoke leads on the nose, while the palate explores the full range of caramel character, from subtle honey to rich toffee. Long conditioning on toasted oak adds further depth to the caramel complexity, and nudges Perseid into the deep space between beer and whisky.

Tasting Notes: Whisky, Toffee, Honey, Caramel, Toasted Oak
Red Giant
Red Giant
10.5% ABV - 38 IBU

A contemplative autumn warmer to sip by the fire and enjoy as the evenings start getting colder.

Red Giant starts with a classic red foundation and pushes it to its natural extreme. Layered crystal malts, hints of spicy rye and creamy oats, and deep caramelization throughout. A touch of roasted barley dries out the body, while a long rest on toasted maple accentuates the finish.

Tasting Notes: Toffee Apple, Caramel, Granola, Brown Sugar, Toasted Maple
10.7% ABV - 44 IBU

Eclipse is an imperial that focuses on a lighter element: smoke.

Cherry- and oak-smoked grains form a delicate balance between bright red fruit and dry tannin, while Lapsang Souchong from the mountain tea plantations of Fujian lends soft pine forest aromas to the nose.

These delicate wisps settle onto a stout base that exercises restraint above all: a refined balance of black malt, toasted grains, and dark caramel, smoothed out by silky oats and a touch of lactose. The finish offers a subtle linger of cocoa powder, and warms the throat to embrace the next sip.

Tasting Notes: Delicate Smoke, Raspberry, Cocoa Powder, Toasted Cherry
Event Horizon
Event Horizon
11.1% ABV - 46 IBU

This is Gravity turned up to 11.

Our longest-running imperial, Event Horizon is an ultra-rich stout that takes its styling from high-proof Caribbean rums. Its deep molasses nose gives way to a rich chocolate, coffee body that's absolutely stacked with malt and grain complexity. Then, as you sip, undertones of raisins and plums taper slowly into a finish of tart red fruit.

But the complexity doesn't end here because we run this brew on rum-infused toasted oak using our proprietary wood-aging system – the end result is an extra dose of vanilla, rum, and oak depth that beautifully rounds out the body and enhances mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes: Aged Rum, Raisin, Molasses, Coffee, Charred Oak
11.2% ABV - 57 IBU

For those of you who drink 8% coffee stouts for breakfast, we've developed Antimatter: a double ristretto among Starbucks lattes.

This espresso-roast heavyweight rests on a foundation of coffee and chocolate malts blended with silky oats, brown sugar, and a delicate touch of lactose.

We pile a trio of very special beans onto this base, all from Budapest's own Bagira Coffee. Two dark roasts are core to the Gravity blend: a milk chocolate, nougat-laden Brazilian, and an El Salvadorian bean full of tobacco and strawberry notes. The third is a star guest: a medium-roast Yellow Catuai bean from Brazil, naturally fermented for 120 hours for rich aromas of sweet coconut and sour cherry.

Tasting Notes: Espresso Roast, Tobacco, Brown Sugar, Coconut

More about Bagira Coffee.

Exoplanet is our quarterly series purpose-built to highlight single-origin coffees from Budapest's own Bagira Coffee.

The foundation is a cleaner, softer stout, which lets our coffee selections shine through: a gentle dark malt baseline tempered with tons of silky oat body and a touch of lactose.

5.8% ABV - 30 IBU

Our first brew puts the spotlight on Kindeng Mill, a high-altitude bean from Papua New Guinea's Jiwaka province. Natural processing brings tart, fruity aromas of strawberry and redcurrant to the forefront, blending into dark chocolate in the body. The finish delivers an intriguing blend of earthy cacao and floral hops.

6% ABV - 27 IBU

La Esperanza is a highland Peruvian farm run by Fidel Huancas, a 3rd-generation grower who embodies the international craft movement with his keen attention to detail and a return to natural processing techniques. This Yellow Caturra bean boasts a beautifully rich, complex aroma of aged rum and candied pineapple, while marzipan and winter spice notes layer into the smooth Exoplanet body.

More about Bagira Coffee.

Nebula is our taproom-exclusive series of single-hop Hazy IPA releases.

Each beer in this collection highlights single hop expressions, layering an individual hop varietal's unique character over a soft, sessionable base. Healthy doses of oats and wheat smooth out the sweet malt backbone, while a double dry-hop schedule amplifies the bright aromas of our chosen hop.

6.2% ABV - 35 IBU

This brew leads with a huge cotton candy aroma, fresh from the fairground. That light, playful nose melts into rich watermelon on the palate and mingles with ripe pear flavors in its supple finish.

5.8% ABV - 30 IBU

This US varietal was released in 2008 and, in a few short years, Citra revolutionized IPAs thanks to its extraordinary concentration of aromatic oils, packed with grapefruit, pineapple, and lime notes.

We’ve decided to isolate Citra to create an intense fruit-forward IPA that shows off the punchy character this hop is capable of. We've also blended in BarthHaas Spectrum – a pure liquid hop extract – as part of our dry hop additions for a cleaner extract and more stable aromas.
Equinox - Spring Sour
Equinox - Spring Sour
4.2% ABV - 8 IBU

Rhubarb pie in a glass.

Every year as the weather warms, we look to crisp, tart rhubarb for inspiration. No strawberries here – only rhubarb's delicate spice and robust tartness, tempered with biscuit malts and soft citrus acidity. Accented with pure halite salt and tempered with soft oaky vanilla tones from our proprietary wood infusion system.

The result is an intense, effervescent sour with a hint of gose-style salinity that sparkles on the tongue and encourages another slice.
Sunspot - Summer Sour
Sunspot - Summer Sour
5.5% ABV - 9 IBU

Just in time to draw the summer out a little longer, Sunspot’s base is a kettle-soured hefeweizen with hints of citric acidity overlying its faint honey sweetness. A solid dose of apricots and lime juice gives the beer a punchy tartness and bold fruit character.
Meridian - Autumn Sour
Meridian - Autumn Sour
6.3% ABV - 9 IBU

Meridian is a refined, refreshing sour with tons of sweet, juicy strawberries and hints of warming Kampot pepper spice.

The malt base is rye-accented, which gives the beer a touch of crunchy grain character. We heighten this sensation with an in-house infusion of Cambodian red Kampot pepper to deliver an intriguing peppercorn aroma along with complementary red fruit notes on the palate.
Solstice - Winter Sour
Solstice - Winter Sour
7% ABV - 9 IBU

This is the refined, grown-up version of our guava sour prototype. It starts with a classic sour base of red malts and toasted oats. We build on this backdrop with:

- A huge dose of juicy guava and calamansi, capturing their tantalizing aromas and acidity.
- A hot and cold side addition of Motueka hops fresh from New Zealand. These beautifully aromatic cones from Freestyle Hops contribute a deep citrus backbone and delightful notes of passion fruit and fresh lime.
- A touch of halite salt to round out the finish and leave you craving another sip.
Zenith - Christmas Stout
Zenith - Christmas Stout
10.5% ABV - 54 IBU

Thanks to a double dose of Gravity-roasted Peruvian cacao nibs, this luxuriously boozy milk chocolate stout evokes memories of steaming cups of hot cocoa and delicious Christmas desserts.

Cold nitrogenation rounds out the mouthfeel by delivering an incredibly smooth body and creamy head, while a delicate orange marmalade finish gently brings you back to your senses for another sip.

Served on nitro.
Gravity Brewing x Csapszék - Solar Wind
Gravity Brewing x Csapszék - Solar Wind
5.4% ABV - 9 IBU

When the weather warms, there's no better choice than this bold, refreshing summer splash. Expect a classic, German-inspired weissbier base amped up with heaps of crisp, tart blood orange and softened by gentle notes of sweet malt and Hungarian wildflower honey.

We've had a lot of fun developing this with Csapszék!

More about Csapszék.

Gravity Brewing x Balkezes - Lunasa
Gravity Brewing x Balkezes - Lunasa
5.7% ABV - 27 IBU

An ode to Lughnasadh, the Gaelic festival marking the start of the harvest season.

Lunasa, a collaboration with Balkezes, leans hard into its Irish red roots, with a lusciously smooth grain body full of nutty granola and soft caramel notes. This timeless foundation is balanced by the complexities of toasted virgin Hungarian oak, which thanks to our proprietary wood-infusion technology brings depth to the body and subtle tannin to the finish. Oh, and we've also seasoned and charred the wood in-house!

More about Balkezes.

Gravity Brewing x Brew Your Mind - Constellation
Gravity Brewing x Brew Your Mind - Constellation
5.5% ABV - 21 IBU

This clean, clear, and ultra-sessionable Helles Lager beer begins with a specialty German lager malt for its crisp profile and subtle notes of lemon sherbet. Our usual mash schedule is swapped out for a decoction – a complex, historic process that involves boiling part of the grain to build out melanoidin in the wort and lend a touch of tannic depth to the body, resulting in a beautifully complex baseline character.

German Saphir hops further amplify this brew’s soft lemon character and blend smooth bitterness into our decoction base, while the whole brew enjoys a gentle ferment and extended maturation on an ultra-classic Austrian yeast strain that evokes softly rising bread and beer halls full of ceramic steins. The result is an intensely cool and crushable lager that balances gentle depth with refreshing simplicity.

More about Brew Your Mind.


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3 PM in English and 5 PM in HungarianBREWERY TOURS

The tour lasts 30 minutes, costs 4500 HUF per person, and includes a sample from the tanks and a complimentary 0.4L glass (or two 0.2L pours) of any Gravity beer that tickles your fancy.

But what if you’re driving? We feel your pain, so it’s just 3500 HUF!
Gravity Brewing – Imperial Blackberry Sour


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