– core range –

[tried and true]


5.8% ABV - 20 IBU

Dark in colour but damn refreshing.

A tart twist on the classic summer wheat, with a bright raspberry front that's fantastic for the hotter days of the year. That fresh start leads into the nutty, toffee flavours of the caramel wheat body for a better-rounded take on the classic summer fruit quencher.


8% ABV - 26 IBU

A wee heavy for whisky lovers.

Why 'triple scotch'? We start with a wee heavy base, full of deep caramel flavours developed in the kettle. Barrel-smoked malt lends the body a touch of soft oak smoke and aged whisky. Finally, we finish the maturation on whisky-soaked Speyside barrels. The result is cool in the glass and warm in the throat, and as close to a pint of whisky as we've found.


6.8% ABV - 28 IBU

Essential winter survival gear.

Our darkest brew, this bourbon barrel-aged warmer is stacked with chocolate from front to back. Freshly roasted cacao nibs surface first with a nose of pure chocolate liqueur. From there, a richly roasted body carries the palate from freshly baked brownies through to bitter drinking chocolate, with just a touch of lactose to smooth the transition.


6% ABV - 9 IBU


7.2% abv - 72 ibu

If you hate Campari, you'll hate this beer.

If, however, you're the sort of person who loves the bitter/sweet contrasts found in the best Italian amari, you need to try this. A crisp, full-bodied double IPA base supports citrus and herbal aromatics through the classic transition from sweet to dry. Negroni, Boulevardier, and Americano-lovers, please apply within.


5.2% abv - 30 ibu

Not your typical red ale.

It starts out simply enough: a pure, coppery Irish red malt base. A trio of US hops lends a bright, west coast twist to the nose, before driving caramelised orange peel into the malt body. The final turn comes from a hearty dose of pale and dark rye, which dries those burnt sugar notes into a toasted grain finish that always leaves us reaching for another.


— prototype series —

[new adventures]

imperial ipa

9-10% abv - 100 ibu

Our take on a Pacific Northwest imperial: big whirlpool and dry hop, big alcohol, exceedingly drinkable body with a lightly bitter finish. Tons of Cascade hops give us a great stone fruit baseline, which we build out to 15g/L with our dry hop additions.

The (Guihua) variant doubles down on the apricot and white peach character with cold-infused Osmanthus blossoms from Ye Tealeaves down in Szekszard.

coffee stout

8.5-9.5% abv - 30 ibu

The foundation for this beer is a lower-roasted, high gravity variation on our Dark Matter stout, which means a full body and plenty of smooth alcohol to carry the rich caramel and coffee flavours into a nice long finish. We’re cold-infusing each batch with a different selection of small-batch beans from Budapest's own Bagira Coffee:

The (Brazil) variant is infused with a sumptuously creamy, nougaty micro-lot coffee from Brazil, with very low acidity and a touch of jam-like sweetness to it.

The (Honduras) variant is finished with a naturally macerated medium roast from Honduras, which exhibits a mixture of deep caramel and pineapple notes.

The (Colombia) variant is steeped on a dark-roasted natural process coffee from Colombia for a robust coffee punch that continues through the whole palate.

imperial stout

11-12% ABV - 40 IBU

For the deepest, darkest days of winter, we’re bringing you a very special limited release: Gravity’s take on the ultra-rich imperial stout. Borrowing the malt base from our hugely popular coffee stout series, we’ve amplified the body, alcohol, and dark chocolate character in this monster brew. We’re also giving it an extended rum barrel maturation to blend all the deep malt flavours together.

There are only 90L in the tank for our inaugural batch, which we’ll be releasing at the end of January 2019. Stay tuned to our social media to find out where!